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Eco Tips Title

Here I share some environmentally sustainable tips. Taking care of our planet is so important to me, and it causes me a lot of distress that humans as a whole don't do a better job of this. To help deal with these anxieties, my main WIP - Element the Graphic Novel, strives to shed light on issues with not acting sustainably and also dealing with mental illness. I also try to take active steps to reduce my own footprint, and encourage others to do the same. 

I challenge you to make one simple change.

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Tip #1

The first of my sustainable recommendations is the Bull Dog bamboo razor, packaged using recycled materials and allows to exchange the head for new blades. Way to be Bull Dog Razor !

Tip #2

Recently I looked into Ten Tree out of curiosity around what materials they use. I love that they plant trees and have made a name for themselves by doing so (41 million trees to date!) but I didn’t want to buy new clothes unless they were made by eco-friendly materials. I’m happy to share Ten Tree as Tip #2 for sustainability because of their Tencel fabric (wood pulp!), recycled polyester, and organic cotton that can break down or be recycled!

Tip #3

It’s time for Tip #3 of Sustainability - Gardening! This may seem obvious, but there are certain tricks to keep in mind. Do your research to make sure you are gardening sustainably! For example, using peat moss or synthetic fertilizers are counterproductive if your aim is to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tip #4

Quit using cotton pads that are immediately discarded into the trash! Not only does cotton use an insane amount of water and pesticides, cotton pads/balls/etc. are bleached and do not biodegrade. . Make-up removing cloths only require water, dry quickly, and then can be machine washed regularly for continued use. I even remove water-proof mascara with it! They’re found in more and more salons and pharmacies, and as well bigger name places like Sephora.

Tip #5

Did you know: Milk cartons actually contain a thin layer of plastic! If that’s not a reason for you to consider buying local, maybe the fresh taste from glass bottles will be. @cowichanmilk tastes fantastic and has a farm stand set up wth free wifi included to take direct deposit for those without cash. What a fantastic and innovative spin on the classic farm stand!

Tip #6

Toothpaste bites and bamboo toothbrush. Especially when it comes to the toothbrush, I don’t know why people wouldn’t choose bamboo over plastic. They’re even available at grocery stores nowadays! As for toothpaste, I recommend Bite Toothpaste Bits as an alternative to regular toothpaste. I fully expected it to taste gross, but it doesn’t. And the creator has gone to great lengths to consider environmental impact from the manufacturing to shipping!

Tip #7

2.25 Billion cups of coffee are consumed a day! Over a year, 1.5 million trees are used to bring us this delicious drink.

Tip # 8

Have one or two songs on deck to time the length of your showers. As long as you’re taking short showers, you use less water than a bath, but each minute of a shower still uses 9L of water!

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