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Brunch Club with a Book

Have you ever been a part of a Book Club? It sounds nerdy, but I'm totally into it.

A friend of mine started one last year with a group of teacher friends. We've loved having an excuse to get together and talk books, but choosing which book to read has always been the hardest part. Since we're all teachers, we all have lots of reading and work to do for school, and didn't want being in a Book Club to feel like another thing on our to-do list. For this reason, we often chose books that either had a movie adaptation or was written for teens so that it would be easy to get through. Often we would meet for dinner or a drink after work to have our club.

COVID has obviously changed all of this - even our workday is from home now, and life is definitely busy and hectic for those in the club who have kids. Plus, we were finding that often only a few of us would read the book due to time restraints or just not being able to get into it. The last time we met, we decided just to get together for brunch and share our current favourite read with each other. This worked FAR BETTER! It gave us each ideas for our next book to read, and we were all more passionate about discussing books, because each one we brought we were interested in.

A Court of Thorns and Roses; A Tale for the Time Being; and Harleen
My Top 3 Reads Since Quarantine

I'm hoping we can continue doing Brunch Club with a Book virtually over the coming months, but wanted to share my experience with Book Club for others who are looking into starting one, or maybe are in one and aren't completely satisfied with how it's going.

Leave a comment on your experience with book clubs, or your current favourite read!

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