The Weight of a Thousand Oceans

The Forgotten Ones - Jillian Webster


This story is a dystopian novel, but the author's concept of dystopia is very unique. I don't want to share any spoilers, but I really enjoyed the amount of realism and forethought to creating this future world.⁠ 

There are so many reasons I've really enjoyed this book, but one of the first was that within the first few pages, I fell in love with her writing style. She describes everything using a wide range of vocabulary that is specific in a way that I can vividly picture what is happening. I find often authors do describe what's happening, but their word choice merely allows me to picture characters going through the plot, instead of making me feel like I'm actually standing there and it's happening to me. Jillian does this wonderfully!

Her writing style also allowed me to feel very connected to the MC and her journey. While reading this book, I couldn't count the number of times I caught myself willing the MC to turn and look for her dog nearby her. I've never had a dog before and haven't experienced a deep dog-love connection, but with this book, I cared just as deeply for the dog as I did about the other characters.⁠

Jillian has the ability to grip the reader from their home and pull them into this ever-exciting journey. The story stays with you for days after. Can't wait for the next in the series! 

Ship of Magic

Liveship Trilogy - Robin Hobb


For lovers of the Farseer Trilogy (the first of Hobb's series that you should read), this story takes place within the Six Duchies. The main plot involves Althea, who was meant to inherit a liveship when her father passed, but instead it went to her brother-in-law and the consequences of this decision untangle throughout the book.


Robin Hobb's books are long - she writes epic fantasy where the world building and character details and archs take significant time and care. She is my first go-to recommendation to lovers of fantasy!

The Last Wish

The Witcher Series - Andrzej Sapowski



I was really looking forward to reading this series and sadly, couldn't get into it.


The first few chapters were pretty captivating - The Witcher, whose character is gradually revealed throughout the stories, fights numerous creatures and converses with people about why he doesn't kill all creatures.


About halfway through the book I just felt like I was reading the same story over and over again. I tried to push through, but eventually gave up. 

People who enjoy the video game or Netflix series might like it better if they already have a connection with the characters. I just didn't feel a draw or fascination with it.

Shadow and Bone

Grishaverse Trilogy - Leigh Bardugo


I absolutely loved this book! I really liked that it hooked me from page 1, instead of having to read a few chapters before getting into it. I also enjoyed that it’s quickly paced so that at any moment, the reader is wondering what will happen next.


To be honest, the world-building isn't very detailed compared to other fantasy I've read. I think for this reason, some people would be unimpressed with the story. If you like an easy read that is less descriptive than some of those super lengthy and detailed fantasy books, then you'll probably like it. If you read because you enjoy the visual imagery created by authors and the world building, then you might not enjoy it so much.


The Lunar Chronicles - Marissa Meyer


Living in future times, Cinder is a lower-class teenager and a cyborg (part human, part machine), who is just trying to make a bit of a living and avoid the plague. When the prince asks for her help, everything in her life starts to change drastically, and the Earth is at risk to going to war with the colony on the moon. Gradually this story unravels as a totally original retelling of a futuristic and out-of-this-world Cinderella. It had me intrigued from the beginning and I found myself consistently thinking just one more chapter!


Considering it is more of a book for teens, I was very pleasantly surprised at the way Meyer kept me captivated the whole way through!

Scott Pilgrim

Heading 2


I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys comics, video games, comedy, or love stories. O'Malley tells the story of a young adult without a job who freeloads from his friends and attempts to rock in a band. He meets a mysterious girl who he becomes infatuated with, and must defeat her seven evil ex's in order to continue dating her. The style of the comic is kind of like a retro-style video game crossed with classic comic book battles.

The whole style of this comic is unique and classic-comic all at the same time. O'Malley is a creative individual who pays attention to detail! He makes his story interactive by adding unique features like chords and lyrics, and real places in Toronto. 


There is some mature content, so I would definitely recommend it to teens and older.

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