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Chapter 1 Coming Summer 2022!


I began this YA Fantasy Graphic Novel in December of 2017. Since it is my first book, the process has been long and winding, but I am finally in a place where I have enough of the characters, setting, and plot together that the writing is coming along more rapidly now. The artwork for it is always a work-in-progress as I get to know the characters and improve my drawing style. 

The story itself begins in Toronto, Canada where two roommates discuss their continued worry for the planet and our unsustainable practices. One of the roommates, Luna, also faces mental health issues and is having difficulty managing her anxiety and depression. 

Partway through the first book in the trilogy, the two roommates find themselves trapped in a different universe - one of four dimensions including air, water, earth, and fire. There they find a society much like their own, in a terrible state and with no hopes of recovery. 

Readers follow Luna and Jay as they try to find out more about this world and how to return home. Any YA fantasy lover will be sure to enjoy this unique graphic novel from a first time author!


My intention is to also create a Teacher's Guide for any teachers interested in using the books in their classroom. Some of the skills that will be outlined in the guide will include: mapping, poetry, mental health, and general reading, writing, and social studies competencies.

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