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The Life of a Shadow


Why do we have shadows?

A question all children have, and this might be one of the most heart-warming answers. 
Brittany's Dad always had a way of bringing her comfort in times of uncertainty. When he told her the story of why we have shadows, he never guessed the lasting impacts this story would have as Brittany grew. This beautiful father-daughter collaborative retelling is fit for all types of families, and will bring a feeling of comfort to children of all ages.

Includes instructions for making a variety of shadow puppets!

This magnificent father-daughter collaborative
is bound to be a favourite for many children.
- Kareen Hewitt, Reedsy Discovery

Element the Graphic Novel Series

Join the journey... Coming Summer 2022!


- Air, Water, Earth, and Fire -  they must exist in symbiosis.

Luna's anxiety and depression have been getting worse - her panic attacks are more frequent, and lately she's been missing more shifts at work. Her new friend and roommate, Jay, desperately wants to help her feel better, but he really doesn't know where to start.

On a quest to escape the pollution of the city, the two decide to embark out into nature - but this mission was one beyond their wildest dreams. Unespectedly, the roommates are transported to a land divided into Elemental Dimensions: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire - each with vastly different climates and creatures.

Separated in this strange world, Luna and Jay must find each other and figure out how to get back home. Yet through each portal and dimension, new mysteries lie and soon, they have more questions than answers. 

They're faced with the difficult decision of whether to leave this world as they found it, or to take matters into their own hands.

Element Logo - air, water, earth, and fire symbols
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