The Life of a Shadow

Why do we have shadows?

A question all children have, and this might be one of the most heart-warming answers. 

Brittany's Dad always had a way of bringing her comfort in times of uncertainty. When he told her the story of why we have shadows, he never guessed the lasting impacts this story would have as Brittany grew. This beautiful father-daughter collaborative retelling is fit for all types of families, and will bring a feeling of comfort to children of all ages.

BONUS CONTENT! Includes instructions for making a variety of shadow puppets!

Cover of children's book The Life of a Shadow. Father and daughter sit on a dock at sunset.
Element Logo - air, water, earth, and fire symbols


Status: Work In Progress - 3rd Draft

This story is my soul. 

It is the first project I've started and stuck with in years.

A YA Fantasy Graphic Novel that began as a simple idea.. Air, Water, Earth, Fire. And it spread and grew with time, love, and care. Sometimes it's even taken on a life of its own. 

Join my journey...