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First Poem Published

In high school I really enjoyed writing poetry, and entered a few poems and short stories into the Polar Expressions Publishing yearly student contest when I was in Grade 12. The poem itself I think was written when I was in Grade 10. To this day, it remains one of my favourite poems I've written. I hope you enjoy!


As I gaze out my window

At the star-flecked sky,

I sit and watch all of the airplanes,

Wishing, that I, too, had wings to soar through the clouds,

And over the few specks of light on the dark ground.

Night - by Brittany Leonard

Some nights, I listen to the rolls of thunder,

And watch lightning's shadows on the ceilings and walls.

But as I gaze out my window,

I feel so alone, like I'm the only person alive.

All that exists are my memories, my hopes, and my dreams.

Inside these walls at night are my thoughts,

And I feel the need to break free from that voice.

I jump out the window, and run.

I feel the cool air on my face,

And the warmth of the one I love right next to me.

We are just like the cars on the street at night:

Calmer with no one around,

Free to do whatever we want, or go wherever we want.

We are silent, not a word spoken,

Night's noises filling our ears.

As we hold hands, and dance down the street in our favourite meeting spot,

The laughter begins and we are eight years old again.

We head towards the large white water tower to climb to the top of the world,

And then I wake up and stare out the window,

At the cold night sky.

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